HSRP-(High security registration plate) Online Registration-2021

What is HSRP (High security registration plate)?

High Security Number plate is a number plate for vehicles that is made up of aluminum and is fixed in the vehicle using the two non-reusable locks. The HSRP comes with a Hot-stamped chromium-based hologram of Ashok chakra at the top left corner and of blue color measures 20mm x 20mm. At the bottom left corner, there is 9 digits laser-etched code on the reflective sheet.

the HSRP also comes with a hot-stamped film applied on the registration numerals and lettering bearing the description ‘India’ at a 45-degree angle.


High security registration plate


What is the cost of High Security Registration Plate?

The cost of HSRP number plates is fixed by the government. It is Rs. 400 for two-wheelers, Rs. 1100 for four wheelers and the color-coded stickers are made available for Rs. 100.


Where HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) can be purchased?

HSRP can be bought from by official government website, www.bookmyhsrp.com. To register, for getting high security registration plate, you need to provide ‘Chassis Number’ and ‘Engine Number’ of your vehicle for which you want HSRP. On this website, one can track his order by entering your order number and vehicle registration number. However, this website only provides delivery of HSRP, High security registration plate up, only for Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. For other state residents, including High security registration plates delhi and UP also, they can get the number plate registered at RTO offices in their locality or they can register for HSRP on the official ‘state parivahan’ website of the state government. Other than these means, anyone can get HSRP number plates from registered vehicle dealers for their registered vehicles.


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