How To apply for EWS Certificate Online in 2021?

What is EWS Certificate? How to apply for ews certificate?

EWS stands for Economically Weaker Section. EWS is a new reservation sub-category under the General category. EWS certificate is issued to the citizens of India whose family income is equal to or less than the minimum criteria set by the Government of India. In order to fall under the category of EWS, desirous people must fulfill these limitations and should be able to produce documental proof for claiming the same. On the basis of the EWS certificate, one can avail the benefits of reservation in Governmental Jobs and higher educational institutions across India.

EWS bill came to effect on 12 January 2019, providing e 10% quota (reservation) for the EWS students amongst the erstwhile Unreserved category or General category students.

How to apply for ews certificate

What is the Eligibility of the EWS Certificate?

As mentioned earlier to fall under the category of EWS, one must ensure that he/she meets all the eligibility criteria for EWS certificate that are defined by the government. To avail of the benefits of the EWS reservation category, check the eligibility criteria mentioned below to apply for the EWS Certificate Online / Offline:

  • Category: Applicant must fall under the General/ Unreserved category. EWS certificate can be issued only to those who do not hold any certificate of any reserved category. EWS reservation is only introduced to give the benefit of reservation to General Category citizens of India.
  • Family Income: The family income of the applicant must be less than 8 Lakhs per annum. Here family income includes the sum of income of all family members who are earning through any sought of business, job, farming, etc.
  • Residential Property:
    1. The applicant or his family must not own a residential flat plot that is more than 1000 sq. feet of area.
    2. The residential plot owned by the applicant or his/her family (if any) must not be more than 100 sq. yards in a notified municipality sector.
    3. The residential plot owned by the applicant or his/her family (if any) must not be more than 200 sq. yards in a non-municipality sector.
  • Agricultural Land: Applicant applying for an EWS certificate or his/her family shall not own agricultural land that is above 5 acres. So in order to be eligible to fall under the EWS category, one should not have agricultural land of more than 5 acres.
1. Category General
2. Family Income Less than 8 lakhs per annum
3. Residential property
  • Flat area less than 1000 sq. feet.
  • Plot area less than 100 sq. yard in the municipal sector
  • Plot area less than 200 sq. yard in the non-municipal sector
4. Agricultural Land Less than 5 acres.

Who is considered as the family for the EWS certificate application?

For EWS certificate application online or offline, ‘family’ plays an important role. As in all eligibility criteria, the assets and income measured of an individual is the inclusion of all of his/her family members’ assets and incomes.  So it becomes important to know, who all fall under the term ‘family’ according to the government.

So the ‘family’ of an individual will contain the following members:

  • The applicant
  • Applicant’s Mother and Father
  • Applicant’s siblings below the age of 18 years.
  • Candidates Spouse.
  • Candidates’ children below the age of 18 years.

What are the Documents Required for EWS Certificate Application?

For any document formation, documents in its proof are required in India and so are required for EWS certificate application. There are certain documents that are required to prove that the applicant fulfills all the conditions that are mentioned by the government in order to be eligible to be an EWS category applicant. Non-providence of even any one of the documents in proof will lead to rejection of application for EWS certificate formation.

Following documents are required:

  • Aadhar card
  • ID proof
  • Self Declaration
  • Land Property documents
  • Domicile of the state
  • Income proof of family
  • Members in family proof
  • Residential proof
  • Photograph of applicant

The list of documents required varies from state to state. But these are the minimum documents required to apply for an EWS certificate online or offline.

How to Apply for EWS Certificate Online?

Applications for EWS Certificate can be made both online and offline. For online application, the candidate must have to visit the official portal of the EWS Certificate online application and follow the procedure and upload the documents required according to the instruction provided on the portal. Certain states also have defined their own norms, so applicants are required to keep that in mind and then apply for the same after gathering all the relevant information for the EWS certificate online application for that state. Like you can check for Jharkhand state Click Here.

For the offline application of the EWS certificate, an applicant can collect the form from the issuing authority office or can download the form online from the official website. After the filling of the form, the candidate is required to self attest the photocopies of the required documents and then submit them to the authority office for verification of application and issuance of the EWS certificate.

The certificate will be issued only when the candidate is fulfilling all the eligibility conditions. In case of violation of any one of the conditions, the applicant will not be considered to fall under the EWS category and thus the certificate will not be issued to that applicant.

What is the Validity Period of the EWS Certificate?

Each certificate is valid only for a particular amount of time. EWS certificate is valid only for 1 year, starting from the date of issuance of the certificate. Before applying under the EWS category for any Government job or admission for higher education, the candidate must ensure the validity of their EWS certificate. If it has crossed the time period of 1 year, the candidate must apply for its renewal for re-formation.


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