How to Apply for Ration Card Online in 2021 | Online Ration Card Download

What is a Ration Card?

In this article, you will find How to Apply for Ration Card Online and Online Ration Card Download, Ration Card is an official document issued by the government of India. Ration Card is used for purchasing pulses, flour, kerosene, etc. from shops that are opened by the government known as FPS (Fair Price Shops), where the household edible items are made available at a subsidized rate.

The initiative of Ration Card issuance was taken to benefit the least privileged sector of our society so as to make food items available for them at a very low price.

Ration Card also works as a proof of identity of a person or proof of residence. It also helps in the application for a Passport, Voter ID card, domicile certificate, etc. Ration Card is issued in the name of the head of the family and can consist of all family members and they can enjoy the benefit of ration card as well.

Types of Ration Card:

Mainly there are two types of ration cards one is issued for those who are above BPL and the other below BPL. These are as follows:

White Ration Card: This ration card is issued for those who are above the poverty line.

Blue/Red/Green/Yellow Ration Card: This ration card is issued to people whole are below the poverty line. People having these types of ration cards can purchase ration or food supplied from Ration shops at subsidized rates.

Who are Eligible to Apply for Ration Card?

These are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Ration Card:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • Ration Card is issued only on the name of ‘Female Head of Fami;y’.
  • Applicant must not already have a Ration Card.
  • No member of the applicant’s family had applied for a ration card.

What are the documents required for Ration Card?

This is the list of documents required to apply for the Ration Card:

  1. Application form of the state where you reside.
  2. Passport size photograph of ‘Female Head of Family’.
  3.  Aadhar Card of the applicant and of her all family members.
  4. Address proof (Electricity Bill or Water Bill or Telephone Bill or Voter ID Card).
  5. Bank Passbook ( of Female Head of Family).
  6. Caste Certificate (not required in case of ‘General’ category).
  7. Family photograph.

The above-mentioned documents can vary from state to state. You can confirm the document required for how to apply for a ration card online or offline filling of the application form by your ration dealer or nearby ration shop of your area or food supply office.

How to apply for a Ration Card Online?

The applications for Ration Card are submitted offline only. The person interested to apply for a ration card online can download the ration card application form from the official website of the state in which the applicant resides. After downloading the application form the applicant has to attach the passport size photograph of the applicant, family photograph in the given section, applicant’s details, family member name, and relation address and fill in the other required information in the form.

After filling the complete form, once again read the form, check if all spelling and other details in the form are correct. Then attach the photocopies of the above-mentioned documents. This application form along with photocopies of all the documents can be submitted to one of the following:

  • Your ration dealer
  • Ration shop (Fair Price Shop) of your area, or
  • Food Supply Office

After 7 days of submitting the application, if all information in the form and the documents are correct, then the applicant can receive the Ration Card from the ration dealer, ration shop, or Food Supply Office. All the family members mentioned in the ration card can enjoy the benefits of it and need not apply for separate ration cards.

States Websites for Downloading Application Form for Ration Card/ E Ration Card Download/ Online Ration Card Download

Here is the list of states and their websites from where the applicant can do e ration card download or online ration card download:

S.NO. STATE WEBSITE (e ration card download/ online ration card download)
1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands Visit
2. Andhra Pradesh Visit
3. Arunachal Pradesh Visit
4. Bihar Visit
5. Chattisgarh Visit
6. Dadra and Nagar Haveli Visit
7. Delhi Visit
8. Gujarat Visit
9. Haryana Visit
10. Himachal Pradesh Visit
11. Jammu and Kashmir Visit
12. Jharkhand Visit
13. Karnataka Visit
14. Kerala Visit
15. Maharashtra Visit
16. Mizoram Visit
17. Odisha Visit
18. Punjab Visit
19. Tripura Visit
20. Uttar Pradesh Visit
21. West Bengal Visit


How to do E Ration Card Download / Online Radion Card Download ?

To do the e ration card download or online ration card download you have to visit the website of the state for which you applied for ration card. Then you have to fill in some information that will direct you to your online ration card download page.

These are the details required for online ration card download (e ration card download):

1. Ration Card Number
2. Name of Head of Family (HOF)
3. Aadhar Number of House of Family / NFS ID
4. Year of Birth of HOF
5. Mobile No. as given in the NFS Application or Registered later on the NFS website

Here is the sample for e ration card download Delhi !!

E ration Card Download Delhi 

Here are the steps followed to e ration card download Delhi:

Step 1. Visit the official website of ‘Department of Foof, Supplied and Consumer Affairs’, CLICK

Step 2. Click on the ‘E Ration Card Download’ link.

Step 3. Fill in the required details.


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